Jingle All The Range had a booth at the Artisan Craft Fair in Chisholm on Saturday. We were able to meet lots of people and tell them all that “Jingle All The Range” has to offer for people this holiday season.

This is the week we all tend to take a look at the things we are thankful for in our lives. For example, prices for Thanksgiving items are down this year due to easing inflation, according to the American Farm Bureau. The cost of turkey is down about 5% from last year. Airfare is also down with airlines adding more flights for the Thanksgiving weekend. These are all good things. But, how do you feel about Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for? And, the BIG question…what is that must have food item that must be on your plate on Thursday?

This is what a few people in Chisholm had to say about Thanksgiving:

Nicole Vlasach, of Chisholm also said, “I’m thank for my family, they are always there to support me with everything and the reason I am able to keep going forward:” Other folks we spoke with confirmed the idea that they were thankful for family, friends and pets.

So, we also asked what are they looking forward to and has to be on their plate this Thanksgiving:

According to a survey by Ocean Spray, 83% of Americans believe it’s not Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce. Also in that poll, how people prefer their cranberries varies with 60% of cranberry sauce fans preferring canned and 40% have to have homemade.

There still other favorites, Angela Jerry, added, ”Stuffing!” and Ethan Moody says, “You have to have pumpkin pie!”

There are a few places to consider for your meal this year:

Sawmill Saloon & Restaurant Buffet

Call 218-741-8681 for reservations or https://www.facebook.com/sawmillsaloon

Boomtown in Eveleth & Hibbing from 10 – 3pm.

Eveleth: https://www.facebook.com/events/1002221581008801

Hibbing: https://www.facebook.com/events/325467160084825

Giants Ridge Buffet from 11 – 3pm.

Biwabik: https://www.facebook.com/events/287715670738183

If you are looking for a free Thanksgiving meal, please check out the Virginia & Hibbing Salvation Army’s. They will be having pre-Thanksgiving Day meals. No questions asked.

Virginia Salvation Army, Nov. 20, 3:30–5 p.m., 507 12th Ave. W., Virginia

Hibbing Salvation Army, Nov. 27, 4–5 p.m., 107 W. Howard St., Hibbing

As for me, Joy McJingles, I am just thankful for all of Mrs. Claus’ cookies and pies! And, Rudolph’s shiny, red nose.

Joy McJingles writes a blog about Iron Range Tourism and Holidays on the Range. Blogs are posted on Thursdays & Sundays.