Alex Hilterbrand, Lead Recreation Assistant at IRMEC.

The air is chilled and the sound of skate blades scratching the ice is your welcome to the rink. Each Sunday from 9am until noon you can participate in two different activities at the IRMEC in Virginia.  Open Ice Skating and Bumper Cars.

“I love that folks can come in, have family time on a Sunday morning, Alex Hilterbrand, Lead Recreation Assistant at IRMEC, Virginia tells us.  She said that this event brings a lot of people looking for a great way to get out and move.

Emma Overbye getting her skates laced up by her mom, Michelle Overbye of Mt. Iron.

The first activity on Sundays at the ITMEC is Open Ice Skating.  The cost is only five dollars per person for three minutes or three hours, however long you chose. Just know you do need to bring your own skates, there are no skate rentals. Michelle Overbye of Mt. Iron tightens the laces on her daughter, Emma’s skate boots.  Emma is a figure skater.  “I like to skate and it’s fun just to come here and practice some of the moves I’ve learned.” says Emma.  Michelle explains why she likes this weekly event, “It just gives her time to free skate versus the routine.”  She continues by saying, “It’s a nice place to go ice skating when there’s no ice outside yet.” Emma says that one of the things she likes about skating is to just do whatever you want and to do it with friends.

Just down the bleachers are the Manick family from Cook.  Mallory Manick is the mom of five kids and is very excited for this opportunity, “I like that it is 9 to 12 and only five bucks, the kids get out and say they are going to stay the whole three hours.”  She adds,  “I just like that they have this, until our rink is ready, we will come.”  Her son Ryker says he likes skating because he likes to go fast.  The family plans to return next weekend and do the bumper cars.  

Mallory Manick and two of her five children.

Yes! The bumper cars are the second activity to do on Sunday mornings at the ITMEC.  You just come in, sign a waiver and you are good to go for 15 minutes.  The cost is $10 for 15 minutes.  Riders must be 42′ high and six years old to drive a bumper car. Younger rider must ride with an adult. These cars are a winter take of those bumper cars you see at the fair.  These bumper cars are on ice.  “These machines can turn on a dime, they are so much fun to drive around.”  The IRMEC has several party packages to be able to host your party with the bumper cars or open skating. To plan your party, go to:

You will want to go to this link for more information, waivers, and rules to participate.

Hilterbrand wraps up by saying, “Its gets you out, gets you moving!” And there is nothing wrong with that.

Joy McJingles writes about Iron Range Tourism and Holidays on the Range.  Blogs are posted on Thursdays and Sundays.