The Interactive Advent Calendar is closed!

Thank you to all who played in 2023.

All Doors Will Remained Locked Until December 1st, 2024

HOW TO PLAY: Each day you will have one chance to answer a multiple choice question. If you answer correctly you will be provided with a contact form to fill out and send to the Email Elves. This will deem you eligible for a weekly drawing. If you answer incorrectly, just come back the next day and try again.

The last day to play will be December 25th.

door-Day 1
door-Day 2
door-Day 3
door-Day 4
door-Day 5
door-Day 6
door-Day 7
door-Day 8
door-Day 9
door-Day 10
door-Day 11
door-Day 12
door-Day 13
door-Day 14
door-Day 15
door-Day 16
door-Day 17
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door-Day 19
door-Day 20
door-Day 21
door-Day 22
door-Day 23
door-Day 24
door-Day 25