The new online interactive Advent Calendar has gone live. This is a new feature to Jingle All The Range. Marketing Elf, Ceasar Ortega, suggested it would be a great addition to the website. So, we did the research and integrated it into the website!

People can visit the website at: to open the door for the daily question. The questions are about Christmas and Iron Range Tourism.

HOW TO PLAY: Each day you will have one chance to answer a multiple choice question. If you answer correctly you will be provided with a contact form to fill out and send to the Email Elves. This will deem you eligible for a weekly drawing. If you answer incorrectly, just come back the next day and try again. Drawings are held weekly on Wednesdays. The first drawing will be on Wednesday, December 6th.

THIS WEEK’S PRIZE: $15 to Canelake’s Candies & a Jingle All The Way Ornament

The last day to play will be December 25th.

So, what are you waiting for? Go play now! CLICK HERE

Joy McJingles writes blogs about Iron Range Tourism and Holidays on the Range. Blogs are posted on Thursdays and Sundays.