According to Bankrate, 37% of shoppers start Christmas shopping in November and more than half of Americans will buy their gifts before Black Friday. 

Inflation is affecting Americans so many are looking for those deals!  According to the Zidd Davis Shopper Survey, Americans plan to spend more in 2023 ($932 vs $725 in 2022)  Folks will also spend about $200 on themselves.

Horatio Martinez, Service & Engagement Executive Team Leader at Target

Horacio Martinez, Service & Engagement Executive Team Leader of Target in Virginia reflects on early shopping, “I think what is happening now with the economy, people are splitting up the shopping experience, so instead of saving money for big time purchases, they are spending a little bit each month.”  To save money and get what you want he provides this tip, “looking at the ads, keeping up at the beginning of the week when you get the most stock of the items we sell.”  Black Friday electronics are marked down to a 29.8% discount and toys 33.8% off, so that is still a good time to get those items, according to the survey.

Catherine Branville, Owner of Irma’s Finland House in Virginia

Catherine Branville, owner of Irma’s Finland House in Virginia, expanded on early holiday shopping and said, “Once we start putting Christmas items out, people start shopping.”  Branville says they start putting things out in mid-October.  She also gives another good reason to shop early.  “As a small business we have limited quantities of things. So, we will sell out of things.”

What are the big sellers for this year?  According to Martinez, “For the Electronics department the new video games that are released this year and clothing and of course, the gift cards that go out every year.”  The Zidd Davis Shopper Survey shows that gift cards are about 54% of sales for gift giving.  

Are you done shopping?  Just starting?  Well, there are plenty of places to go THIS WEEKEND across the Range.  In addition to shopping at Target, Irma’s Finland House will have their annual Christmas Open House in Virginia on Friday and Saturday.  They plan to have Swedish meatballs, glogg and cookies and it is a great way to come see all the new Christmas items.

Branville explains, “This weekend is a fun weekend!  Everyone is out and about, it’s a good energy.  We have to try to move on from Fall and get our minds around that it is holiday time, so it’s a good way to get into the spirit of things.”



VIRGINIA – Irma’s Finland House Christmas Open House (10 – 7pm)

MT. IRON – Mt. Iron Fall/Winter Market (Noon to 6pm)

HIBBING – The 23rd Annual Boutique (2pm – 5:30) 


VIRGINIA: The 24th Annual Stop-N-Shop at the IRMEC from 9am – 4pm.

                  The 23rd Annual Boutique ( 8am – 3pm)

                  15th Street Snowy Boutique (9am – 4pm)

                  Acorn and Oak Market (9am – 4pm) 

EVELETH: Ladies Day at the Eveleth Elks (10 – 4pm)

TOWER:   St Martin’s Christmas Bazaar (10am to 1:30pm) 

CHISHOLM: Casey Drug Open House (9am – 4pm)

HIBBING: Alpha Delta Kappa Craft Sale (9am – 3pm)

                 Silver Birch Christmas Open House (9am – 4pm)

                 Falling for the Holidays Vintage Flock (10am – noon) 

                 Snowflake Craft and Vendor Show (9am – 3pm)


HIBBING: Falling for the Holidays Vintage Flock (10 – 12pm)

For more information and addresses for these sales, go to:

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