Lindsay Cremers (Left back in green) and her friend, Alecia are with Cremers children at the IRMEC Craft Show in Virginia, enjoying their Widow’s Weekend.

The Urban Dictionary defines it as: “The spouse or significant other of a hunter, whom, during hunting season, is typically left alone.” Who are we referring to?  The Deer Hunter’s Widow. These are the days that the widows make plans for fun-filled weekends. So, what are widows doing across the Range?

“It’s a girls weekend, shopping around and the guys are out hunting so kind of bonding with other people” is how Tina Hanetmon, of Hibbing, describes the Deer Hunter’s Widow Weekend.  Her friend, Patty Kanipes, also of Hibbing, adds “It’s having time to ourselves!”  Tina & Patty are with Tina’s daughter and grandchildren at the Snowflake Craft Show at the Memorial Arena in Hibbing.  Do they have other plans for the day?  “My grandson says we are going for lunch!”  

Tina Hanetmon (in red plaid) and Patty Kanipes, (middle back) are with Tina’s family at the Hibbing Memorial Arena for a craft show as part of thier fun-filled day.

As much as it is a tradition for the hunters to venture into the woods, widows have their yearly traditions, too.  Gwen Nelson was at the Ladies Day Craft Show at the Eveleth Elks, “It’s our time to go out and have fun, it’s me time!”  She added, “We do this every year, go out and to all the craft sales, while the guys are hunting.”  Gwen talks about how they make it a whole day event, “We’ll go out to lunch and then craft some more and hit up some other shops.”

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, it is expected that 450,000 hunters, statewide, will be out in the stand or at the shack, looking to bring home some venison.  Lindsay Cremers of Virginia, talks about her husband, “he is at the shack, with his friends, so he is sitting out in the stand right now, freezing”  Cremers is with her friend, Alecia and Cremer’s children.  They are warm and cozy and enjoying all the great hand crafted items at the IRMEC Craft Show.  She describes the Minnesota Deer Hunt from a wife’s perspective as, ”you spend the next three weekends alone, (laughs) but it’s not that bad because you can do whatever you want to do.”

Cindy Rogers stands outside the 15th Street Snowy Boutique on the Northside of Virginia.

Attention widows: do what you want and start making your plans now for next weekend! BINGO, a play, or a boutique are some of the offerings for the second week of the hunt across the Range. The 15th Street Snowy Boutique on the Northside of Virginia is such a place you can go.  As folks stroll in and out of a log-sided garage, Cindy Rogers and her husband welcome people as they host the holiday boutique.  They used to do the craft sale circuit for about ten years but decided to take two weeks before Thanksgiving to run a Christmas boutique.  They are in their sixth year.  “Today has been awesome!  Our first day is always great.” says Cindy.  Deer hunting widows should know the boutique’s last weekend will be on November 11 & 12, so they have you covered for that second week of deer hunting.  Rogers encourages people, “Come on and join us. We have a blast!  We like to chit chat and visit with you and it’s nice seeing the constant repeat customers.”  Rogers feels it’s worth the trip as they are very affordable, they have items from $1 to $50 and her husband makes homemade gingerbread cookies to share with folks who come to the boutique.

Another event deer hunting widows might want to participate in is the “Bags, Birds, Beer BINGO” in Biwabik on November 10, beginning at 6pm, at the Biwabik Pavillion.  They will have over 20 bags to win, such as Kate Spade, Patagonia, Carhartt and more.  There will also be a few rounds for turkeys as prizes. There will be a cash bar with beer, wine, and seltzers. Tickets are available by clicking the link: or at the door for $50.00 each. Proceeds benefit the 40th Annual Weihnachtsfest.

Looking for something fun to do with the kids?  The Wizard of Oz Youth Edition opens on November 10 at the Eveleth Auditorium. This production is cast with kids playing the roles of Dorothy, Scarecrow and the Wicked Witch.  It is produced by the Lyric Center. Can’t make it on Friday?  No problem, it continues on Saturday, November 11th & Sunday, November 12th.  

Meanwhile, back in Hibbing, Tina Hanetmon is looking forward to next weekend.  ”We’re looking for more sales!”

Here you go, TIna.  In addition to the BINGO in Biwabik, The Wizard of Oz in Eveleth and the 15th Street Snowy Boutique, in Virgina, here are things for you and all those deer hunting widows to do for the second week of the hunt:


VIRGINIA –       Back of the Shack (6pm to 6:30pm) Sugar Shack – Live Music

                         Vintage 303 Holiday Pop Up Shop 302 Chestnut Street (3 pm to 6pm)

                         Taylor Swift: The Eros Tour Movie – Virginia 6 Theatre

EVELETH:        Wizard of Oz Youth Edition – November 10 – Eveleth City Auditorium

EMBARRASS:  Christmas Boutique at Nelimark Homestead (10am – 3pm)


VIRGINIA:         Vintage 303 Holiday Pop Up Shop 302 Chestnut Street (9 pm to 2pm)

                          Taylor Swift: The Eros Tour Movie – Virginia 6 Theatre

HOYT LAKES:  Water Carnival Fall Craft Fair (9a – 3pm)

                          Burger Fry (Noon – 6pm)

                          BINGO (4 to 6pm)

EVELETH:        ERDAC’S HOLIDAY SALE 800 A  Ave, Eveleth (9am to 1pm)

                          Wizard of Oz Youth Edition – November 11, Eveleth City Auditorium

EMBARRASS:  Christmas Boutique at Nelimark Homestead (10am – 3pm)


VIRGINIA:        Taylor Swift: The Eros Tour Movie – Virginia 6 Theatre

EVELETH:        Wizard of Oz Youth Edition – November 12, Eveleth City Auditorium

Be sure to check our community calendar on to see the latest event to attend.  Events are being posted daily.  If you have an event which needs to be posted on our website, please send us an email at:  It is free to have an event posted.

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